Medics Abroad: What are we thankful for?

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In the spirit of thanksgiving, we took some time to reflect on the things we’re most thankful for at Medics Abroad. We have so much to be grateful for as an organisation but here are a few of them.

Turning one year old! 

* screams *  We are so emotional about this one! We’re one year old and counting! We turned one last month and it feels so good. We’ve worked, and are still working so hard and we are so so grateful for every single person that has made the journey possible. Check out our anniversary post to see what our founder had to say about our milestone and what we have planned for the future.

Our first ever group of Medics had the best time in Kenya

Our first ever elective programme took place in Kenya last July and August, and it was nothing short of mind blowing. The Student medics got to experience a combination of meaningful clinical experience in a variety of medical and surgical specialties, and a healthy dose of fun and adventure.

Our Instagram growth 

Our growth on Instagram in the past few months has exceeded our expectations in the most humbling way, and we couldn’t be more grateful. It’s all thanks to you! The love and support is evident; thank you a million times! Check it out here, follow us and be sure to turn on post notifications.

Our aesthetically pleasing instagram page and insightful content

You can’t imagine the number of times we’ve looked at our Instagram page and been like WOW! We’re in awe. The set up, the colour scheme, the images, the captions! So admirable! Do you agree?

Our content creators work so hard to ensure you get the best, and we’re so thankful for your continuous engagement especially with our “What is your diagnosis” segments. Keep the comments coming! 😀

Our blog

In case you didn’t know already, The Medics Club is the official blog for Medics Abroad. We launched this awesomeness in June and it has been going strong thus far.

The Medics Club is a platform, passionately curated by us for the global community of Medics and Health Enthusiasts. It’s a blog that features exceptional people and topics which focus on medicine, health, fitness, education, advice for aspiring  and qualified health care professionals, and so much more. You fit into this community if you are interested in a healthy mind and body, whether you are an aspiring medic, student, healthcare provider or patient.

We’re indeed grateful for our readers, club members, and contributing writers and Medics for there’s no Medics Club without you.

Our Foundation

The Medics Abroad Foundation which we launched with an objective to empower communities in Africa by empowering people, and supporting the next generation of female healthcare professionals.

Of course, how could we forget our awesome team!

Our “C-suite babes” are amazing Medics who are passionate about excellence in healthcare globally. They are brilliant individually (I kid you not!), and so the possibilities are endless when they join forces.

The best part is that they also happen to be very good friends who support each other selflessly #WomenSupportingWomen #ShowMeYourFriends.

The quintessential Dr Adanna is the founder and Chief Executive Officer; the relentless Dr Helen is the Chief Operating Officer, and the delectable Dr Wendy is the Chief Communications Officer.

We also have the most incredible volunteers any organisation could ask for, who work very hard behind the scenes and on the ground to keep the fire burning! Priceless! Thank you!


We are super thankful for the electives happening next summer! It’s going to be epic. Have you planned your summer electives yet? What are you waiting for? Head over to our website to see what we have on offer; spots are limited and so be sure to book yourself a place on what is about to be the most rewarding experience of your medical career.

What are you grateful for? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dr Wendy Evans-Uhegbu

The author Dr Wendy Evans-Uhegbu

Dr. Wendy Evans-Uhegbu is a graduate of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, with experience in Connected Health, Medical Technology, Clinical Research, Medical Education, Medical Communications, and Web Design/Development. She is a part of the Medics Abroad team with the role of Chief Communications Officer. She is also a Medical Writer at 3D4 Medical and runs a Medical Communications and Children's books company (ODR Integrated Services/ ODR Books).  She is the author of the newly published children's book series "The Things Around Me".

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