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Match Week 2019: IMGs are winning!

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It was Match week last week, and it was heartwarming to see my social media feeds filled with “I matched” posts and success stories from friends that applied for the 2019 residency programs in the United States.

Not sure what Match week is?

Simply put, it’s a week when doctors that applied for residency training programs (medical specialty training) in the US find out if their applications were successful; as well as where they’ll be undertaking their residency programmes for the next few years. After years of hard work, it’s no wonder this day is pretty significant in the lives of many doctors who want to train in the US. It usually happens at about mid- march each year.


The pathway to US residency training is a completely different ball game for most international medical graduates (IMGs)- it is tougher. However, for the eighth year in a row, the percentage of IMGs who have matched to their first choice programme has increased. The percentage increased from 56.5% last year to 58.8% (4,028 doctors) this year. This has been described as the highest match rate in more than 25 years. This is advantageous to the US healthcare system as well because IMGs make up one-quarter of physicians currently training and practicing in the US, without which the physician workforce might be at a deficit.

From all of us at The Medics Club and Medics Abroad, we want to congratulate everyone who matched this year! We sincerely wish you all the very best with your residency training!

To the doctors who are aiming to match next year or the year after next, we hope you’re encouraged by the stats! You can do it too!

Do you know anyone who matched this month? Be sure to send a congratulatory message their way because they’ve worked really hard and deserve all the accolades!

Dr Wendy Evans-Uhegbu

The author Dr Wendy Evans-Uhegbu

Dr. Wendy Evans-Uhegbu is a graduate of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, with experience in Connected Health, Medical Technology, Clinical Research, Medical Education, Medical Communications, and Web Design/Development. She is a part of the Medics Abroad team with the role of Chief Communications Officer. She is also a Medical Writer at 3D4 Medical and runs a Medical Communications and Children's books company (ODR Integrated Services/ ODR Books).  She is the author of the newly published children's book series "The Things Around Me".

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