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Do Clean Babies Grow Up To Be Healthy Adults?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis article is about hand hygiene and immunology of babies. I’ve met a wide range of new parents, from those who don’t take their newborns outside for months to avoid getting them ill, to those parents who let their babies roll around in muck or refuse to vaccinate them. I have a bit of background story for why I felt the need to write about the importance of keeping your hands clean when you offer to carry a baby that isn’t yours. (more…)

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Medics Abroad Summer Elective 2018: Our Clinical Experience in Kenya

Reading Time: 4 minutesOur first summer elective in Kenya is coming to an end, and our Medics have made many memories, within the hospital and beyond. As highlighted in last week’s article, electives in developing countries are extremely rewarding. Our medics have observed the management of many new conditions and witnessed so many complex procedures. Below is a compilation of some conditions that they have come across, as written by them: (more…)

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Study tips

The BEST Apps and Websites to get you through Med School

Reading Time: 4 minutesMedicine and health sciences have come a long way from the days of relying solely on what you hear and see in class and in recommended textbooks to understand anatomical, physiological and pathological concepts. These days almost all students use medical apps to supplement their learning. Many colleges also have virtual learning environments where you can access lectures, ebooks, submit assignments, and so on. The benefits of using apps are evident- they are great for visualization and they are easily accessible. (more…)

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