A Letter From Our Founder: Medics Abroad is ONE!

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I can’t believe Medics Abroad is one year old! It started off with a lot of uncertainties and challenges but I’m so grateful we made it through. We still have a long way to go, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the baby steps and reflect on our journey thus far. In honor of our one-year anniversary, I thought to write about what inspired me to start Medics Abroad and let you know what we have been able to achieve in the past one year.

My motivation for founding Medics Abroad came after I completed a clinical elective in Kenya, after my 3rd year of Medical School. I encountered so much difficulty trying to plan the entire trip on my own. All the logistics, from contacting hospitals that would accept an international medical student, to searching for safe accommodation in close proximity, and to researching activities that I would do on the weekends. It was time-consuming and hectic, to say the least. However, I enjoyed every bit of my experience there and it truly changed my life. I returned after the summer and I was passionate about encouraging more students to travel.

I have always loved traveling, as much as I have loved the idea of starting my own business. I didn’t know for sure what that business would be and had experimented with a few ideas that fell through. More and more, I thought about how I would combine my love for traveling with working as a full-time Medical Doctor. Then one day, I was taking a hot shower – (now it’s important for you to understand that my most brilliant ideas come to me in the shower, weird?? I KNOW!) – and the name ‘MEDICS ABROAD’ came to me; it was brilliant! The thought of starting an organisation that will encourage healthcare professionals to travel abroad and still have the opportunity to work was exciting.

Myself, along with two of my close friends and colleagues Dr. Helen Zidon and Dr. Wendy Evans-Uhegbu who joined the company quite early on, have worked tirelessly to get Medics Abroad to where it is today.

From an exciting idea that came to me in the shower, to many months of planning, and a whole year of nonstop hard work, here are some of our milestones thus far:

  1. The launch of our Instagram page 
  2. The launch of our website 
  3. The launch of our Youtube channel
  4. The launch of our blog
  5. The execution of our Summer Elective and International Community Engagement (ICE) programme and,
  6. The birth of our foundation 

We’ve embraced the ups and downs, and above all, we’ve persevered. There has been challenges, but I’m so grateful that somehow we’ve scaled through every single one of them. 

As the old African Proverb goes; “The poorest man in this world is not the one without money, but the one without people”. We would not have gotten to where we are today if we didn’t have you, your feedback and your continuous support.

On behalf of my team and I, thank you so much. Cheers to many more years of redefining medical educational travel. I’m beyond excited about our plans for the future and can’t wait for next year and many more anniversaries for Medics Abroad.

Congratulations to us <3  

Dr Adanna Steinacker

The author Dr Adanna Steinacker

Dr. Adanna Steinacker is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, with an interest in Emergency Medicine. She is the Founder of Medics Abroad, our umbrella company and also the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, she is a Digital Influencer and a Motivational Speaker with a passion for female empowerment and humanitarianism.

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