3 Practical Ways to Up Your Health Game, Like a Pro

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Raise your hands if you can relate to statements like “I’m off soda this month. It’s water or nothing”, “I’m having green smoothies every day for breakfast this week”, “I’m going for a run/ walk three times a week for the entire month of June” etc. The list is endless. Let’s face it, we all desire to be the healthier version of ourselves, who doesn’t? The sad truth, however, is that we actually never end up achieving these goals because we almost always never have an actual plan.

Well, cheers to 3 practical tips on jumpstarting your journey (for the umpteenth time) to the healthy life you’ve always desired. Enjoy!


Ditch the fizz, ditch the bubble, the only drink you will ever need is water. That’s right. Did you know that EVERY living cell in our body needs water to keep functioning? There you go! Water is literally one of the most important substances on earth yet the most underrated.

A quick tip on consuming more water throughout the day is as simple as investing in gallons. Fill the gallons with water and keep one by your desk
at work, kitchen counter, bedside etc. Wherever you’re most likely to see it. This should serve as a constant reminder to drink up.
Amidst the many theories on how much water we really should be consuming daily, the rule of thumb is ‘if your pee is not clear, you’re not drinking enough’. You know yourselves LOL!. DRINK UP!


Here’s the thing, no one’s going to give you accolades for “human with the strongest will” so my question is, “why tempt yourself?”. Still not following? Ok, here’s an idea of where I’m headed. If it’s not in your fridge, you won’t see it to eat it. If it’s not in your handbag, you won’t eat it or drink it. If it’s not on your desk, you won’t be tempted in the first place let alone battling with whether or not you will defeat the devil this time around. Quit buying all the things you know are bad for you. It’s much better to consume watermelon in the middle of the night than a leftover burger from an office get together.

A quick tip is to surround yourself with food that is good for you. You know what they say “If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food”.
Also, no one ever went wrong with ‘an apple and some almond nuts’ or ‘rice cake and peanut butter’ as carry-along snacks for when you start to feel hungry. This should keep your cravings in check until you eat a proper meal.



Ever decided to go for a morning run, all determined to outdo your last performance even by an extra second and suddenly you’re looking for your
headphones or one leg of your socks? Even worse, the sudden realization that your running playlist is no longer as motivating as it was two weeks ago because you’re legit bored of hearing the same songs over again? Let’s not pretend we don’t know that this story usually ends up the same way with statements like “oh no, I’ve taken so much time already. I’ll run tomorrow”. Yup, that was me in a nutshell. LOL!

If you want to make that run and kick ass, you MUST plan ahead. Which means sorting out what you’re wearing (from a sports bra to shoes, headbands, and socks), your headphones, fitness tracker(s), water bottle (if your thing is to stop and sip), and most importantly, that your playlist is lit enough to keep you going. Getting adequate sleep is equally important, as well as keeping hydrated from the day before. Believe me when I say, these are more than half your problems already solved. What’s more exciting is that you’re already looking forward to that run from the evening/night before. PLAN TO SUCCEED!

I hope this helps someone take a step closer to a much healthier life.


Adanma Amaha-Okorafor

The author Adanma Amaha-Okorafor

Adanma is a Women's Health and Fitness Coach with a passion for all-things-natural. She is also the founder of LYNN Wholefoods, a leading premium healthy food, and beverage company.

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